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Simoko Trust School is a busy, friendly private school which prides itself on its commitment to being an icon of excellence in the education sector of Zambia. We are located right in the heart of Ndola, with guaranteed ease of access in and out of the school, as well as proximity to various services.

Our excellence does not just lie in our facilities and infrastructure, we also take pride in our curriculum and specialized and dedicated members of staff who are, independently and collectively, contributing a great deal to the development of individual learners and the general academic and social atmosphere in the school.

At Simoko we strive to create

  • a setting that is academically motivating,
  • an atmosphere where pupils feel safe and supported,
  • and a character of responsibility and respect.

Our particular strength is in our set-up, our management styles and staff expertise where all these come together within small classes to create a warm, family-like environment, where each child is given individual attention and encouraged to perform to the best of his or her ability.

Some Fun Facts and Figures

Our results speak for themselves


% Grade 7 Pass Rate over past 4 years



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Dedicated Staff Members

Creating Value and Making a Difference in the Children of Today so that they Become Effective Leaders of Tomorrow.

To be the best provider of education services for ECE and primary school in Zambia.


Kind regard for all people and valuing their opinions.

  • Students to demonstrate and to be taught good manners.
  • Teachers to listen to the children and make them feel valued.
  • Teachers to work with other staff members to create a respectful environment.
  • Teachers and students to respect/appreciate the efforts displayed by students and fellow staff members.
  • Both teachers and students work to instill and demonstrate a high regard for authority.

Integrity / Ethical behavior

The highest standards of credibility, honesty, and ethical behavior.

  • Adhere to deadlines.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Welcome and respect input from others.
  • Model good behavior.


Working together with others.

  • Seek opinions/suggestions of others and listen to their ideas with an open mind.
  • Share one’s ideas with other teachers, staff, parents, and students as appropriate.
  • Evaluate/revise personal opinions to come to consensus.
  • Expect and want all parties involved to participate in information sharing and possible remediation.


Open and respectful conveying thoughts and ideas through verbal and non-verbal means that promote clarity and understanding.

  • Monthly or termly newsletters.
  • Teachers/administration to make phone calls, send notes, and speak with parents on a daily basis.
  • Attend staff meetings.
  • Teacher to interact with his/her students using varied teaching styles.

Accountability / Commitment

Personal responsibility for the achieving of organizational mission and values.

  • I am committed to providing a nurturing learning environment.
  • I am committed to providing instructional practices that meet the needs of all of my students.
  • I am accountable to provide and model desired behaviors.
  • I am committed to developing nurturing relationships with my students/families.

Expectations of Excellence

Consistently working towards achieving and operating at optimal performance levels.

  • Encourage students to believe in themselves.
  • Students to be the best that they can be.
  • Teachers to improve their teaching both in knowledge and delivery of lessons.
  • Teachers to understand each individual student to the best of his/her ability.
  • Teachers to be inspired by students, other teachers, parents, and their ideas.

The school will produce academically excellent and technically creative, socially confident, and values-driven students who will develop into effective future leaders and who add value to the world and to their environment.

We will combine the traditional values of discipline, respect and good behaviour with contemporary best practice in teaching and technology, supported by effective home learning and parental engagement. Through our Leadership program we will promote key skills for life such as teamwork, creativity and self-confidence. .

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