Our Guidelines For Best Practices

We have school rules and regulations, available for download here.

Our Safeguarding Policy is available for download here.

If a parent has any complaint relating to our services, he/she shall raise it orally or in writing to management who shall take such steps deemed suitable with a view to resolving the complaint to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Bullying is not allowed. All students found bullying other students or staff will be suspended and if repeated expulsion will be recommended by the Headteacher.

Parents have to assess the weather and reasonably decide to bring the child to school or keep the child at home. As a school we shall assess all weather conditions and decide whether to allow children to be brought to school or not.

It is the school policy that fees and other obligations are settled by parents as the term begins. Parents are encouraged to use the bank accounts provided for all payments.

Leave Applications

Parents, please consider carefully the effect on learning and the consequences of asking for leave during school time. The process of applying for leave is for parents/guardians to write to the Headteacher well in advance, notifying dates and the reason for absence. Each application is considered fully by the learner's teachers and Class Masters, before being granted or otherwise by the Headteacher.


All learners must be at school by 07:20hrs. Latecomers must report to the Teacher-on-Duty (TOD) before going to class. The learners will only be admitted to class by the class teacher upon presentation of a "Late Pass" from the TOD.


If you know your child is going to be absent for any reason please call the Administration Office and leave a message with the student's name, grade and class, contact number and reason for the absence. After an absence from school, a child must bring, on the day of return, a note signed by his/her parents/guardian, stating the reason for the absence and take it to the Administration Officer. In the event of the absence exceeding 2 days, the school should be informed whilst the learners is absent from school.

All Articles of Clothing, Shoes, Books, Bags and other personal property should be clearly marked with the owner's name.

No responsibility can be accepted for unmarked property. Children losing or finding lost property should in the first instance report to the Administration Office.


Bicycles are to be kept in the areas designated for bicycles. Basic road safety rules must be obeyed to and from school. Bicycles may not be ridden in school grounds. It is compulsory for all children riding bicycles to school to wear helmets.

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles may not be parked on school grounds.


Damage of any kind must be reported immediately to the Senior Teacher. In the case of willful damage or negligence, children will be expected to contribute part or all of the cost of repair.


No book/magazine may be removed from the library without permission. The Librarian has full authority in the library and must be obeyed. Any lost or damaged item will be paid for in full at the current matket price

PTA Membership

All Parents/Legal Guardians of children attending school at Simoko Trust School shall be eligible for membership of the Parents Teachers Association. An Annual General Meeting shall be convened by a PTA Executive Committee which shall be elected by parents annually. The PTA shall report to the School Management and shall be solely responsible for overseeing the general, collective and common interests of the School, its pupils and their parents.